Welcome to the OGWA searchable Membership Directory. The full directory listing is in alphabetic order by company.

The "Search:" box lets you find information based on known information. For example, type in your search criteria with no comma between (e.g. one or two counties such as: Brant Norfolk) and the type of service (e.g. one or two services such as: driller pump installer, or both) and the list will return the narrowest group of company names matching the information. If you do not know the type of service or the counties for your search, please use the "Advanced search" link.

To carry out an "Advanced search..." click on the link in green above the Search box. Advanced search will proved your best options and return better results. In Advanced search, check off one or more under "Membership Type" (such as Driller and / or Pump Installer). Once you have selected the needed membership type(s), narrow your search further by checking off counties in your region under "Operating in these counties/districts". 

Most members will cover a wider region beyond the county/district of their main office location. Be sure to review counties or districts in your area of search to obtain a broad selection of members to contact.

A search can also be carried out by selecting the counties/districts only and the results listing will show the results for all membership types. The type of membership is listed under each company name. Other specific search terms are also available.

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